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What if I told you there was a simple process that would turn any single post
into a revenue grabbing GOLDMINE.
simple methods
But How To Do It Right? youve seen a lot
StickyPost is the 3 step solution to your
monetization problems.
enage With just a few settings – you’ll be able to set up your site to engage and extract maximum revenue instead of struggling to find perfect
ad placements...

This plugin will make it amazingly simple.
3 step solution
with sticky post
So you’d probably expect the price to
match the value.

After all – with over 300 development
hours put in and 200 testing and UI
design hours – the cost for us to make
this plugin wasn’t tiny.

If you go by the potential profits, the
value is even larger.

Just getting your ads in front of people is
half the battle when it comes to making
money - Sticky Post wil do that for you

And talking realistically, I know, development
hours doesn’t mean much to you.

price to value
Money in your pocket is what matters – and here’s how
StickyPost is going to do that.
Here are some of our Stickyposts beta testers are saying:
"Wacky Gal" Kathe Lucas

Hey Cindy,
What I simply love about you is you don't only think outside the box, you live outside the box! I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to check out Sticky Post. It's something I've not seen around anywhere and for me, the time saved in posting alone is off the charts, nevermind the added monetization, awesomesauce. You've managed to take a long boring task and automated it - the ultimate highest and best use of a good WP plugin! I'm rebuilding all my sites now and no doubt about it, StickyPost is going on each and every one. You've knocked it out of the park - congrats!
Thanks again,
Keith Gosnell – Amped Publishing

All I can say is wow. I’ve been around my fair share of plugins as you know with my development company – and in all honesty this is one of the best plugins I’ve ever seen. Seriously... I had the entire thing totally revolutionised the look of one of my blog categories in less than 2 minutes. No hassle and no extensive settings to configure. It worked, as promised straight out the box. I’m now in the process of putting it up on every single WP site I own... and I KNOW the results are going to be amazing too.
The power here is huge...
... and today it’s only going to cost you $37
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cindy battye
Frequently Ask Questions

How long does set up take? You can be up and running with your first sticky posts in as little as 20 minutes from now thanks to the simplicity and the bite-size tutorials we are providing!

What Skills Do I Need? Zero. As long as you can point and click your mouse – you’ll be able to use StickyPost to it’s fullest potential!

Do I Need A Wordpress Blog To Make This Work? The answer is yes, in order to use StickyPost you will need to have a self hosted blog (it won’t work on Wordpress’ free hosted blogs). If you have never created a blog before, it’s easy – as a special bonus, we will also include a 10 part video training series teaching you how to get your first blog set up and looking great!

Won’t People Be Annoyed That They Have To Click To Read The Article? StickyPost gives you the option to place a ‘read all’ button on your article, so that users can choose to keep clicking and enjoy the slideshow, or read the entire article at once. Either way, you have still kept your visitor on your page AND had them clicking to read the article.

What About The Images? Can I Get In Trouble For Using Them On My Blog? We have partnered with a well known royalty free stock image site, to allow your blog to search via their data bases and post images, to make your site look great at no charge to you.

If I Get Stuck Can I Get Some Help? Yes, we have bite sized tutorials at every step of the way and if any of those aren’t clear enough, or not showing exactly what you need, our helpful online support staff are available 24/7 to assist.

Do I Have To Buy It Now? You don’t HAVE too... but if you don’t, I can not guarantee the price is going to be as low as it currently is. Also, why wait? I’m giving you the opportunity to get access to a piece of software that’s going to EXPLODE your business potential... Why hold off on that?

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We make every attempt to clearly state and show all proof. We do not sell your email or any information.

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